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Grimsby Auditorium for the Lincs Wedding Show

Come and see Hewitt’s at Grimsby Auditorium for the Lincs Wedding Show on 19th February 2023!

You have found your perfect venue, now it’s time to find your perfect wedding rings!

You shouldn't forget the golden rule when budgeting for your wedding day: The wedding rings you both present to each other when taking those precious vows are the symbol of love and commitment which remain on your finger for a lifetime. These should be beautiful, robust and stand the test of time, much like your marriage.

Why Hewitt’s?

Why not book a personal appointment with one of our bridal specialists and discuss your requirements? With a reputation built over 150 years and 5 generations, Hewitt’s can offer the best personal customer service and highest quality wedding rings to meet your needs.

Hewitt’s offer a wide range of wedding rings to suit most budgets and requirements. We deal with only the finest wedding ring manufacturers both nationally and internationally, with relationships which often span over many decades, supplying us with consistent high quality and options to create individuality.

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Our Top Tips

  • Pick your chosen metal (platinum, gold, tantalum)
  • Diamond or non-diamond set
  • Width of the wedding band
  • Patterned, non-patterned
  • Satin finished, polished finished, or a combination of both
  • Would you like personalised engraving on the inside of the band?
  • When you would like to wear the wedding band? This will be a large factor in the rings which we would recommend.

When to order?

Once you have chosen your rings, we shall have these specially made to your specifications. We would recommend ordering these 3-6 months before your wedding. This ensures plenty of time to have the rings manufactured and for you to be able to view them before the Big Day, giving you piece of mind that they are as perfect as you imagined!

We also offer a complimentary lifetime cleaning service on all of our rings/jewellery to ensure longevity.

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Visit us

Please visit our stand at Grimsby Auditorium for the Lincs Wedding Show on 19th February 2023 to see our selection of wedding rings.

Want to look now? Visit our Bridal Jewellery page

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