Going Dark.

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Bremont is delighted to announce the release of its latest timepiece, the Bremont ALT1-B2 (GMT) Chronograph. Like an increasing number of Bremont watches this new release hails directly from the military as the design very closely mirrors the watch Bremont delivered to elite B2 ‘Stealth Bomber’ Aircrew in 2012.

The British watchmaker has long been associated with the military and continues to work very closely with multiple Air-Force, Navy and Army units around the world. The ALT1-B2’s DNA lies with a very interesting collaboration with the “Stealth Bomber†Squadron based in Missouri, USA. The distinctive ‘flying wing’ shaped aircraft, manufactured by Northrop Grumman in California, is a strategic, long-range heavy bomber capable of penetrating sophisticated air-defence shields.

Having been approached by the B2 Squadron to make a very unique watch, Bremont entered into a design phase with the aircrew to produce a timepiece that was very unique to them, and yet uncompromisingly Bremont.

The finished ALT1-B2 (GMT) has most of the advanced elements of the Bremont Chronograph range. It has its modified BE-54E movement, Trip-Tick® case with the Roto-Click® internal bezel and black DLC case. The challenge was getting the necessary stealthy appearance with the essential Bremont readability.

Bremont Co-Founder Nick English: “Working on this project with the B2 crew could not have been more interesting, they knew exactly what they were trying to achieve which was great. They are a fascinating group of people, most of whom are MIT or Harvard graduates as far as I can work out, probably a prerequisite to fly a B2 ‘Stealth Bomber!’ The B2 watch was a huge success with the Squadron, it also received rapturous applause from civilian watch aficionados so we knew there was a strong demand for general release version, hence the introduction of the ALT1-B2 Chronograph.â€

Posted on April 13, 2013