INFINITY Necklace - 18ct Yellow Gold with brilliant cut diamonds

Everlasting love. The symbolism of the INFINITY necklace is as timeless and emotional as it gets.

Esteemed Danish goldsmith Regitze Overgaard has created a breath-taking ode to love; 18 karat yellow gold and 2 brilliant cut diamonds combined in sensual shapes of the figure 8.

As the evening light hits the yellow gold and diamonds your eyes are truly mesmerised, and your appearance is taken to another level of elegance.

The Infinity necklace has a beautiful integrated lock marked by 2 brilliant cut diamonds. The necklace is opened by carefully sliding the end link of the necklace through the opening of the lock where the diamonds sit. When you hear a small click sound from the closing lock the piece is securely locked. Please note that continuous opening and closing may cause the small opening of the lock to widen over time, which can easily be reverted by gently pressing on each side of the lock.

  • Item number: 10013691
  • Materials: 18 kt. yellow gold
  • Stones: White diamonds
  • Measurements: W: 8 mm / 0.31 inches. L: 455 mm / 17.91 inches. 22 links
  • Launch year: 2018

Price £6,975.00