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Over 100 years with RolexOur History

The 150 year history of G. Hewitt & Son begins with George Hewitt its founder. George was an apprentice watchmaker in the days of the pocket watch.

He opened his first shop at The Riverhead on Victoria Street in 1871, aged just 20 years old. For over 100 years the family firm have been inextricably linked with Rolex. George Hewitt's descendant have been privileged to follow in his footsteps ever since.

Ghewitt Show 100 years ago


Today fourth and fifth generations of the Hewitt family work in the business, proudly continuing the century old tradition of representing Rolex in Lincolnshire. Known in the area as the ‘The County Jeweller’, G Hewitt & Son offer the best selection of fine watch and jewellery brands in Lincolnshire.

One of GHewitts Rolex Window displays


G. Hewitt has enjoyed a longstanding partnership with Rolex for over a century. Visit our showroom to explore our wide selection of Rolex watches.

Photo of the Ghewitts Rolex Showroom


A warm welcome awaits you from our friendly, knowledgeable team. Happy customers are our biggest advocates.

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